When is the right time for an SMB to switch from a review to an audit?

As your company grows and matures, you’ll need to engage an accounting firm to provide some level of assurance on your financial statements. The level of assurance that should be performed depends not only on what you need, but also on what the other people who rely on your financial statements need. First ask yourself [...]

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Five financial facepalms small businesses should avoid

For many small business owners, it’s difficult enough keeping customers happy without thinking about the stuffy world of finance. But money management isn’t something you can afford to ignore. Doing so can easily send the company off the rails. According to Industry Canada, 3,116 businesses turned off the lights in 2014 because of insolvency. Here [...]

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Why you shouldn’t be the first to get your new product on the shelves

In business circles, the idea of being first to market is referred to as first-mover advantage. The thinking is that if you can get a new concept out before anyone else, you’ll be able to build a brand and a following while everyone else is asleep at the wheel. By the time competitors enter the [...]

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