Your Strategy Should Be a Hypothesis You Constantly Adjust

The widely accepted view that strategy and execution are separable activities sets companies up for failure in a fast-paced world. One of us (Paul) is a strategy scholar and economist; the other (Amy) studies organizational behavior and operations management. We came together to consider why strategy so often breaks down in the execution stage. While [...]

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Five financial facepalms small businesses should avoid

For many small business owners, it’s difficult enough keeping customers happy without thinking about the stuffy world of finance. But money management isn’t something you can afford to ignore. Doing so can easily send the company off the rails. According to Industry Canada, 3,116 businesses turned off the lights in 2014 because of insolvency. Here [...]

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CRA not tracking billions in potential taxes lost each year

It's no secret that many wealthy Canadians are squirrelling away fortunes offshore to avoid — or even evade — taxes. What is secret is just how much money it's costing fellow Canadians and the national treasury each year. That's because unlike many other countries, Canada fails to disclose or even track the full size of [...]

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